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Smallest Continent :Australia

largest continent- Asia

largest country in area- Russia

smallest country in area- Vatican City

largest country in population- China

smallest country in population- Vatican City

longest mountain range -Andes CS America

highest mountains range- Himalaya

highest mountain peak in the world- Mount Everest(8848 m), Nepal

largest desert- Sahara

longest river-Nile(6690 km)

largest river Basin- Amazon

largest George- Grand Canyon on the Colorado river, USA

highest waterfall- salto Angel Falls Venezuela

largest delta- Sundarban

longest Gulf- gulf of Mexico

largest Islands- Greenland( kalaallit nunaat)

largest Bay- Hudson Bay, Canada

largest Peninsula- Arabian Peninsula

largest volcano- Mauna loa Hawaii Islands

highest volcano- Ojas Del salado

largest inland sea- Mediterranean

deepest and biggest ocean- Pacific

largest lake( freshwater)- Lake Superior, USA

largest lake( artificial)- lake kariba, Zambia and Zimbabwe

highest lake- titicaca Bolivia

deepest lake- Baikal Lake Serbia

largest sea port- Shanghai China

largest airport by area- King fahd International Airport,Saudi Arabia

largest dam- Grand coulee Dam, USA

biggest dam( water storage capacity)- kariba Dam,Zimbabwe

tallest Dam- jinping-i Dam, China

longest Dam- Hirakud Dam, Orissa

largest Coral formation- The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

longest canal- Beijing hangzhou Grand Canal

most intelligent animal- chimpanzee

largest bird- ostrich

largest sea bird- Albatross

fastest bird- spine tailed swift

wingless Bird- kiwi

smallest bird- Hummingbird

largest mammal- blue whale

smallest mammal- Bumblebee bat

largest Park- National Park Greenland

longest railway – trans Siberian Railway


longest railway platform- Gorakhpur, India

largest railway platform- Grand Central Terminal, USA

longest bridge- danyang kunshan Grand Bridge

tallest building- Burj Khalifa

longest and largest Canal tunnel- Le Rov tunnel, France

longest railway tunnel- seikan rail tunnel, Japan

coldest place- Oymyakon, Russia(-68° degree C)

hottest place-El Azizia, Libya(58 degrees C)

driest place-Atacama Desert in Chile and Peru.

highest City-Lhasa, Tibet(3,658 m)

largest city-Tokyo, Japan

largest City by area-Greater Tokyo

longest wall-The Great Wall of China(3,460 km)

tallest statue- Statue of Unity,Gujarat

largest Masjid- Masjid Al Haram, Mecca

Largest temple- Angkor vat,Cambodia

longest day- 21st june in Northern hemisphere

shortest day- 22nd December in Southern hemisphere

hardest substance- wurtzite boron nitride

lightest metal- Lithium

Highest melting point- tungsten,34100

lightest gas hydrogen


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    Shortest day in southern hemisphere is wrong answer, check it and correct it.


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