Shankar IAS Prelims Test Series 2019

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shankar ias prelims test series 2019 pdf

Shankar IAS Prelims Test Series 2019,Shankar IAS Academy is located in Chennai and several other places in Tamilnadu.They are very professional. They put up schedule in the mobile app, take classes regularly and try to cover up as much as possible.

Test series of both prelims and mains good. With mains, the correction was always one on one.Shankar IAS academy is really good. They provide wast materials to read. They have great experts coming to their classes. You can always go and visit the Anna Nagar centre for more details.

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According to Sankar IAS Academy,27 questions reflected from our test series in UPSC Prelims 2018 exam,27 intensive and comprehensive tests.Exclusive tests for NCERT, Economic Survey and Current Affairs.Each test followed by an in-depth discussion.Individual performance & SWOT analysis with All India Ranking.

shankar ias academy test series schedule

Download latest test series from below

Test 1: Questions   Solutions

Test 2: Questions   Solutions

Test 3: Questions   Solutions

Test 4: Questions   Solutions


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