One Word Substitution- Denoting General Objects

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Abdication- voluntary giving up of Throne in favour of someone
almanac- an annual calendar with position of stars
amphibian- animal that live on land and sea
Allegory- a story that Express ideas through symbols
anomaly- departure from common rule
aquatic- animal that live in water
Axiom- a statement accepted as true without proof
anonymous- bearing no name
belligerent, bellicose- one that is in a war like mood
biopsy- examine of living tissues
blasphemy- an act of speaking against religion
chronology- events present in order of occurrence
conscription- compulsory enlistment of Military Service
eatable- anything be eaten
edible- fit to be eaten
Ephemeral- lasting for a very short time
epilogue- a concluding speech at the end of play
extempore- a speech made without preparation
Fable- history relating to birds /animal with a moral in the end
Faximile- xerox
Fatal- that cause death
Fauna- the animals of a particular region
flora- the follower of a particular region
Fragile- that can be easily broken
gregarious- animal which lives in a fork also human
Illeligible- incapable of being read
inaccessible- cannot be easily approached
impracticable- in capable of being practiced
inaudible- that cannot be heared
incorrigible- incapable of being corrected
irreparable- in capable of being repaired
indelible- a mark that cannot be erased
infallible- one who is free from all mistake and failures
inedible- not fit to eat
inflammable- liable to catch fire easily
intelligible- that can be understood
lunar- of the moon
maiden- for first time
manuscript- a matter written by hand
nostalgia- homesickness, memories of the past
omnipresent- one who is present everywhere
omnipotent- one who is all powerful
omniscient- one who knows all
parable- a short story with a moral
parole- temporary release
Panacea- redmi 4 all ills
pantheism- believe that pervades nature
pedantic- style mean to display one’s knowledge
Plagiarism- original copy
platonic- something is spiritual
portable- that can be carried in hand
potable- fit to drink
referendum,plebiscite- a decision made by public voting
pseudonym- an imaginary name asumed by an author
Quarantine- an act a separation from a person to avoid infection
quadruped- An animal with 4 feet
red tapism- official formality resulting in delay
regalia- dress with medals, at official ceremony
sacrilege- violating the sanctity of religious place
sinecure- a job with high salary but a little responsibility
Soporific- a medicine that induced sleep
Souvenir- I think kept in memory of an event
Swan song- last creation
transparent- that can be seen through
venial- a slight fault that can be forgiven
Verbatim- reputation of a speech
Utopia- an imaginary land with perfect social order
Zodiac- a diagram showing the path of planets

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