One Word Substitution- Denoting Parsons

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Agnostic- one who is not sure about God’s existence
Altruist, philanthropist- a lover of mankind
Amateur- one who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession
ambidextrous-able to use the right and left hands equally well.
anarchist- one who is out to destroy all government, peace and order
apostate- one who has changed his faith
arbitrator- a person appointed by two parties to solve a dispute
ascetic- one who leads and Austere life
atheist- a person who does not believe in God
bankrupt, insolvent- one who is unable to pay his debts
Bigot- one who is filled enthusiasm in religious matter
Bohemian- an unconventional style of Living
cacographist- one who is bad in spelling
Cannibal- one who feeds on human flesh
carnivorous= one who peed on flesh
chauvinist- a person who is blindly devoted to an idea
connoisseur- a critical judge of any art and craft
contemporaries- person living at the same time
convalescent- one who is recovering health after illness
coquette- a girl/ women who flirts with man
cosmopolitan- a person who regards the whole world as his country
cynosure- one who is a centre of attraction
cynic- sinners at the beliefs of others
Debonair- polished and light hearted person
demagogue- a leader who sways his power by his oratory
dilettante- one who is not serious in art and science
effeminate- a man who is womanish in his habits
egoist- a lover of oneself, of one’s advancement
egotist- one who often talks of his achievements
emigrant- a person who leaves his country to settle in another country
epicure- one who is for pleasure of eating and drinking
fastidious- very selective in his habits
fatalist- one who believes in fate
feminist, philogynist- One who works for the Welfare of women
Fugitive- absconding person
gourmand- a lover of good food
gourmet- a connoisseur of food
henpecked- a husband ruled by his wife
hedonist- one who believes that sensual pleasure is the chief good
heretic- acts against religion
herbivorous- one who lives on herbs
honorary- one who holds a post without any salary
highbrow- a person considering himself to be superior in culture and intellect
hypochondriac- who is over annexous about his health
iconoclast- one who is breaker of image and tradition
illiterate- one who does not know reading and writing
immigrant- a person who comes to a country from his own country for settling
impregnable- that cannot be entered by force
impostor- one who pretends to be somebody else
indefatigable- one who does not Tire easily
introvert- one who does not Express himself freely
itinerant- one who Journeys from place to place
Invincible- too strong to be defeated
invulnerable- one that cannot be harmed
libertine- a person who leads an immoral life
Martyr- one who died for a noble cause
mercenary- one who does something for the sake of money
misogamist- one who hates the Institution of marriage
Misologist- one who hates knowledge
namesake- a person having the same name as another
narcissist- lover of self
novice- one who is inexperienced in anything
numismatist- one who collects coins
omnivorous- one who eats everything
optimist- a person who looks at the bright side of things
orphan- one who has lost one’s parents
polyglot- one who speaks many language
pacifist- one who hates war, love speech
pessimist- one who looks at the Dark Side of Life
Philanderer- one who amuses oneself by love making
Philistine- one who does not care for art and literature
posthumous- happen after death
Philatelist- one who collects stamps
pedestrian- one who goes on foot
recluse- one who lives in seclusion
sadist- a person who feels pleasure by hurting others
samaritan- one who helps the needy and the helpless
somnambulist- a person who walks in sleep
somniloquist- a person who talks in sleep
Stoic- a person who is indifferent to pain and pleasure of life
swashbuckler- a boastful fellow
teetotaler- one who does not take any intoxicating drugs
termagant- a noisy quarrelsome of women
truant- one who remains Absent from Duty without permission
toper/sot- one who is a habitual drunkard
Uxorious- one extremely fond of one’s wife
veteran- one who has a long experience of any occupation
versatile- one who adopts oneself rapidly to various situation
Virtuoso- one who is brilliant performer on stage
volunteer- one who offers ones services
Verbose- a style face of difficult words


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