One Word Substitution-Denoting Place

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Abattoir- a place where animals are slaughtered for the market
apiary- a place where bees are kept
aquarium- patent for fishes
Arena- a place for wrestling
Arsenal- a place for ammunition and weapons
Asylum- a place for lunatics and political Refugee
Aviary- a place where birds are kept
archives- a place where government records are kept
burrow- the dwelling place of an animal underground
Cache- a place where ammunition is hidden
Cage- a place for birds
Casino- a place with gambling table
Cemetery- a graveyard had the dead are Burried
cloakroom- a place for luggage a railway station
Convent- a residence for nuns
Creche- a nursery her children of working parents are carried for while their parents are at work
crematorium- a cremation ground her till last funeral rites are performed
decanter- an ornamental glass bottle for holding wine or other alcohol drink
dormitory- the sleeping room in a college or public institution
Drey- squirrels home
Elysium- a Paradise with perfect bliss
granary- a place for storing grains
hanger- a place for housing aeroplanes
hive- a place for bees
Hutch- a wooden Box with a front of wire for rabbits
infirmary- a home for old persons
kennel- a house for shelter for a dog
lair/den- the resting place for a wild animal
mint- a place where money is coined
menagerie- a place for wild animals and birds
monastery- a residence for monks or priests
Morgue- a place where dead bodies are kept for identification
mortuary- a place where dead bodies are kept for postmortem
Orchard- a place where fruits tree are grown
orphanage- a place where orphan are housed
Pantry- a place for provision etc in the house
portfolio- a portable case for holding paper,drawing etc
reservoir- a place where water is collected and stored
Resort- a place frequented for reasons of pleasure or health
stable- hey how was of shelter for a horse
sty- a place where pigs are kept
Scullery- a place where the spot and other cooking are washed up
Sheath,Scabbard- a place in which The Blade of a sword is kept
Sanatorium- for the sick to recover health
tannery- a place where leather is tanned
wardrobe- a place for clothes


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